Pallet Rack Utiliztion

Greater pressure is being put on warehouse managers to meet just-in-time manufacturing schedules and faster product times to market. Warehouse layout designs can hinder or enhance the capability of meeting those schedules.

For the manufacturing plant, inventories have to be minimized and all outgoing product must be handled efficiently, particularly as markets are demanding faster turnaround times - especially when exporting or dealing with perishables. Having a well designed warehouse with your new and used pallet racks system organized for finding products quickly is a total asset. Employees spending time searching for the product locations only wastes time and causes delivery delays. This problem is minimized when your warehouse storage capabilities are well thought out.

Pallet Racks Keeps it Clear, Safe, and Visible

Get it off the floor! Having boxes, barrels, opened product piled on the floor is no way to run a warehouse both safely and efficiently. If it's piled on the floor, it can be put in a bin, marked and stored on affordable used pallet racks. When the local fire marshal comes a calling, items on the floor means citation and fines. Having both long and short term storage utilizing pallet racks could make loading and shipping more cost effective. Loading from the short term used pallet rack area offers the items being shipped to be at hand and eliminates the hunt for order items.

The Right Warehouse Storage Equipment for the Right Job

Obviously the distributors in retail, packaged foods, third-party logistics and those handling stock that varies in shape and size requires warehouse equipment to be extremely versatile. Why use a forklift truck when using a pallet jack would be easier to use rather than the employee standing and waiting their turn for the forklift truck? Why use a step stool to reach higher elevations and the employee fully stretched and still not reaching he product when a rolling safety ladder would be more efficient to reach all levels and would be safer to boot?

Using bulky new and used pallet racks for storage items rather than wire deck racks for lighter weight items is just a waste of storage capability for industrial storage equipment. Utilizing wire deck racks in appropriate areas of the warehouse help keep specific areas better illuminated where needed.

In shipping areas of your warehouse, drive-in racks are more appealing because product can be stored several levels deep and keeping product easily accessible for those time mission critical deliveries. It's easier to keep you employee on the forklift as much as possible when loading tractor trailers. So, drive-in racking systems offers better efficiency because the forklift drive doesn't need to got off the truck to move objects out of his loading route form the pallet racks to the truck.

Sometimes its just right to take a step back and look and the whole picture of your current warehouse design layout to see where improvements are needed to improve efficiency and safety.

Stop Spending Time Wasting Time Looking For Products in Your Warehouse

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