Cantilever Racks

As a leading rack dealer we can supply Cantilever racks which present no vertical obstruction storage racks solution. Therefore, cantilever storage racks are useful for storing long objects. Typical loads are metal extrusions, steel bars, tubes, pipes, carpet rolls, furniture and other long items.

We supply cantilever racks to suit the job at hand, from heavy-duty styles for steel service centres to light-duty styles for just plain awkward loads.

Our specialists can work with your warehousing management team to design arms and columns according to load size and weight, and we ensure the correct allowance for vertical clearance and other important factors. We will also advise you on guide rails and entrance guards when designing the cantilever rack to protect equipment and product from damage.

Bracing Sets

Several rack units may be positioned in a row with spacing between units to provide an overall length required. Bracing sets vary in width from 3" to 8" between column centers.

Depending on the rigidity and weight, 20' materials might be stored on 3 columns with two 8' bracing sets. This would allow a 2' overhang at each end.

On column heights of 16' and over, 2 bracing sets between columns is required.

Customized Cantilever Racks

Flexibility in creating a certified engineered design style that will work for your application. The following style options can be customized:

  • Single or Double Sided
  • Interchangeable Arm lengths
  • Arms Lengths can range from 12" to 75"+
  • Unlimited Capacity Ranges
  • Welded or Adjustable Designs
  • Channel or I-beam Arm Styles
  • Welded or Bolted Base Styles
  • Custom Widths From 3' to 10'+
  • Arms Adjust on 3" or 8" Centers

Cantilever Bases

Cantilever Arm

Cantilever Brace

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ProSurplus, Inc. - 1748 West Katella Ave Suite 203 Orange, CA 92867

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